recomiendan SOLEDADES IV

Serena estuvo en la presentación de SOLEDADES en Liliput
y esto es lo que nos dice en su blog. ¡Muchas gracias!
"The book is called Soledades and is by Neus Moscada and Chiara Fatti. It’s a lovely children’s book about being on your own and enjoying your own company. Thought provoking, it explores the five senses and the beautiful pencil drawings are complemented by the use of the colours, which stimulate the moods describe in the writing.
After Neus and Chiara had presented the illustrations and read Soledades, the children were invited to make there own illustrated book. They had to describe their favourite things which illustrated the five senses. I could hear my son’s brain working but he came up with; I like looking at shiny car wheels, I like listening to the sea, I like the smell of chocolate, I like the taste of tuna and I like the feel of my hair when it has just been cut. You can see more of Chiara’s work on her web and Neus has a blog in Catalan which reviews picture books. It was a very enjoyable morning, thanks to the hosts Sam and Marc and I wish Neus and Chiara all the best with their book".

"Avui ha arribat a les meves mans "Soledades" de Neus Moscada amb unes precioses il·lustracions de Chiara Fatti. Diuen que és un llibre per a nens... deu ser que jo encara sóc com una nena per que a mi m'ha encantat! Ja té un lloc privilegiat a la meva estanteria!"

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